Unlimited Job Hosting Service
We offer One-Fixed Monthly Hosting Fee for “Unlimited Job Hosting Service” . Client can send as much as jobs to during the course of the agreed contract timeline and our staff will perform the necessary function to ensure your job announcement is posted within 2-3 hours from received date and time. We operate 7 days/week including national holidays and hours of operations: 9:30-21:30.
Professional Recruitment & Headhunting Service
Your goal is to focus on your business core competency. Our goal is to help you by providing end-to-end HR solutions, by offering you with the right talent at the right time for positions ranging from receptionist to senior level; simply our mandate is to track, trace, chase and deliver the skilled professionals you need. Our recruitment solutions are designed to assist clients to pin-point the right candidate for the right job and the right salary.

  • Our HR Recruitment Strategy
  1. Track, trace, chase and deliver according to client’s needs
  2. Conduct interview based on 3 main key components: Technical, Behavioral, and Psychological; interview questionnaires are designed specifically according to culture and corporate practices
  3. We identify candidate’s weak points and develop short-term training and/counseling strategy to enhance candidate’s skill sets before putting them to work
Unlimited Advertisement Hosting Service
Offer One Fixed Monthly Fee for “Unlimited On-Line Commercial Hosting Service” at select premium location. Client can send designed corporate ads to and our staff will perform all administrative duties on behalf of the client without additional fees or hidden costs. No limitation, client can send and replace as many as art-works during the entire contract. We will post and host them for one fixed month fee.
The CV Booster Pro –CV Writing
We offer low cost for CV writing and editing service. We will write your CV and Cover Letter according to your requirements.

  • We offer free Career Counseling
  • We will help you to design your career profile where appropriate and needed
  • We provide you with 10 hard copies
  • We will introduce your CV and Profile to potential employer where appropriate and needed