is one of the leading and largest one-stop shops on-line “Mega Job Bank” in Cambodia which provides a free job search to job seekers, and career hunters in Cambodia with latest and up to date job postings information in specific fields and geographical segments.

  • Our Vision
    To revolutionize and simplify on line job-navigation services for the emerging market of Cambodia
  • Our Mission
    is committed to providing best in class consolidated on line job-navigation services to customers locally, regionally and internationally while striving to become one of the leading on-line “Mega Job Bank” service providers in Cambodia.
  • Our Values
    – We value those who pursuing career advancement relentlessly while maintaining professionalism and team work.
    – We value corporate social, ethical, and environmental conscious.
    – We value those who pursuing self- perseverance and integrity.
    – We value individuals and corporations who promote a healthy working environment,  job equality and knowledge transfer-share.